I am a 27 year-old man born & raised in the City of Angels (Los Angeles, CA).

I used to live a life of struggle where I had:

  • Extreme social anxiety to the point I thought everyone was staring and laughing at me
  • Poor self-esteem where I couldn’t look people in the eyes and never felt good enough
  • Zero success at connecting with women romantically
  • Panic attacks that brought me to my knees and put my life on hold
  • Depression where life seemed meaningless and I felt like I had no more emotions
  • Generalized anxiety to the point everything in life felt threatening and I had difficulty sleeping days on end
  • A body that was breaking down to where I felt fatigued, sore, and broken all the time
  • A low-paying job where I was literally on the verge of not having enough money to feed myself and wondering where the light was at the end of the tunnel
  • And more struggles…

I was able to transform into a man that:

  • No longer fears other people and is able to look them in the eye
  • Believes in himself
  • Dated attractive, high-quality women
  • Feels a sense of peace and calm
  • Enjoys life and all it has to offer
  • Has a healthy body full of vitality
  • Has a successful career

I’ve been through some shit and I’ve overcome. I’ve also learned a few things along the way.

I’m on a mission to help men blast through their emotional, mental, physical, and relationship obstacles so they can become the man they were destined to become and live life fully.