It had been 30 minutes. I was sitting by myself in a dark bar and started to get a sinking feeling she wasn’t going to show up.

She didn’t.

After I slunk out of the bar with my tail between my legs, I texted her how I would’ve appreciated if she simply cancelled the date if she wasn’t going to show up.

“My phone died at work” was her response.

No apologies, only excuses.

For a split second, rage & hate consumed my body. How fucking dare she do this me?? Every derogatory name flew through my head and was directed at this woman I had never met. In the moment, I really hated her.

Thankfully, I caught myself and quickly learned to let it go.

LA Dating: 50. Jeremy: 2.

About a year back, I was getting the majority of my dates through online dating. As much fun as it was, I also had to deal with lots of shitty experiences such as:

  • women not showing up to dates
  • being flaked on
  • having a great connection…only to have her never text me back
  • having women choose other men over me
  • hurting women’s feelings when they felt stronger for me than I felt for them

I inevitably chalked all these experiences to “dating in LA”. That’s probably a hashtag on Instagram already.

After some thought, I wondered if women in Europe would respond to me differently than women in LA. Would I be more successful, or less successful? Which nationalities would respond to me the best, or the worst?

So, I put on my big boy pants and paid the $9.99 / month for Tinder plus so I could use the Passport feature. The Passport feature allowed me to swipe wherever I set my location at, regardless if I was in that location at the time.

Here were the experiment details: 

  • Location: Capital city of the country with a radius of 22 miles.
  • Time in each country: 24 hours
  • Age range of women: 18-28 years old
  • Nothing about my profile would change (i.e. my pictures and their ordering, my bio description).
  • I would use a 3rd party app to see which women liked me. This would help me identify how many women liked me in a 24-hr span, as well as how many of these women I found attractive.
  • I would run this experiment for all of Europe’s major cities on consecutive days so I wouldn’t have data from different periods of time.


The bar chart below shows how many likes I got in each major city, and how many women I found attractive out of the ones that liked me.

Hover over the chart to view more details.

Here are the results in a table format:

Location Total likes in 24 hours Number of likes I found attractive
Vilnius, Lithuania 32 22
Warsaw, Poland 23 14
Reykjavik, Iceland 22 9
Helsinki, Finland 18 12
Kiev, Ukraine 16 10
Tallin, Estonia 15 7
Minsk, Belarus 13 11
Sofia, Bulgaria 12 8
Moscow, Russia 11 5
Vienna, Austria 10 7
Oslo, Norway 10 4
Bratislava, Slovakia 9 8
Zagreb, Croatia 9 4
Belgrade, Serbia 7 5
Ljubljana, Slovenia 7 6
Riga, Latvia 6 5
Skopje, Macedonia 6 5
Lisbon, Portugal 6 1
Dublin, Ireland 6 1
Budapest, Hungary 5 2
Tirana, Albania 4 4
Amsterdam, Netherlands 4 2
Zurich, Switzerland 4 1
London, UK 4 1
Kishinev, Moldova 3 1
Copenhagen, Denmark 3 0
Prague, Czech Republic 3 0
Bucharest, Romania 2 2
Madrid, Spain 2 2
Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2 1
Rome, Italy 2 1
Athens, Greece 2 0
Berlin, Germany 1 0
Sarajevo, Bosnia 1 0
Stockholm, Sweden 1 0
Brussels, Belgium 0 0
Paris, France 0 0
Podgorica, Montenegro 0 0

Key Takeaways

  • Generally speaking, a good deal of Eastern European women loved me. And, surprisingly Icelandic women as well.
  • Most of the Eastern European women that liked me were associated with the Soviet bloc and spoke Russian (i.e. Kiev, Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus).
  • I couldn’t exactly pin down a consistent trend for the countries I fared poorly in, but I did notice these countries tended to be fairly modernized and westernized (i.e. Germany, UK, Sweden).
  • French women weren’t feeling me. Neither were Belgium women. That’s why you can’t see Paris on the chart or hover over Brussels because there’s nothing there.
  • The women I matched with overall were very attractive. I will admit I did not attract women of the same physical caliber in the US at the same rate I did in Europe.

Examples of women I matched with




I didn’t get a chance to go on dates with the women I went with, so these findings primarily shed light on how attractive I am viewed in Europe.

Furthermore, everyone’s experiences will be different depending on who you are.

What this experiment did shed light on is the importance of your environment. This is especially relevant for you all looking for online dating tips for men.

Swing the odds in your favor, playa!